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Monsanto Linked to Coup That Ousted Paraguayan President

You see, countries like the U.S. and Paraguay, though they may differ externally in their political structures, operate in a disturbingly similar fashion. Private industry in both countries has essentially morphed with the government into a single, fascist entity that serves the interests of corporations and a select “elite” at the expense of everyone else.

The working class in Paraguay is obviously much worse off than the working class in America, at least at this point in time. But the principle remains that any government, including the American government, that operates for the sole benefit of its corporate masters is really nothing more than a dictatorship in which the people are no longer considered to be sovereign individuals, but rather slaves.

via Monsanto Linked to Coup That Ousted Paraguayan President.


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FOCUS: Battle Looms Over Monsanto Rider on Capitol Hill

FOCUS: Battle Looms Over Monsanto Rider on Capitol Hill.


fforts to write benefits for biotech seed companies into U.S. legislation, including the new Farm Bill, are sparking a backlash from groups that say the multiple measures would severely limit U.S. oversight of genetically modified crops.

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FOCUS | Monsanto: A Modern Day Plague

Monsanto’s history is one steeped with controversial products, deadly consequences, massive cover ups, political slight of hand, and culminates as a modern day plague on humanity, a plague that is about to peak to biblical proportions. Created in 1901, the company started producing its first form of poison, the artificial sweetener saccharin. The rise in use of saccharin really began 70 years later. Monsanto had plenty of time for a realistic and long term study on the impact of saccharin on human health. Instead, Monsanto learned how to finagle political support and grow its empire despite the growing consensus that saccharin caused cancer.

via FOCUS | Monsanto: A Modern Day Plague.

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